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David A. Sanchez- Principal
Shane Hilde - Dean/Counselor

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Jeanette Garcia - Site Registrar
Carolina Naranjo - Secretary, Health Aide
Nancy Perez - Secretary
Jo Taylor - School Librarian

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Resource Specialist Mrs. Rebecca Just shared some really exciting news.  Recently, her husband, Stefan Just, won the 2017 US National Paddle Tennis Tournament in Venice Beach, CA.  He won the Overall in the Level B Division, playing against guys all 20 to 30 years younger than him. Win after win on the famous Venice Beach courts brought him closer and closer to his victory.  Must of been an exciting day at the beach.  Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Just!

Pictured here are Stefan and Rebecca Just.

Stefan Just shows his winning back hand technique!


Ms. Riddle Hosts All-Staff Painting Party!Go To Top of Page

Ms. Riddle transformed her classroom into an artist's studio and hosted 15 teachers and staff members to a painting party.  Local artist Natalee Pangrazio led the painting instruction helping 15 novice painters to create their own masterpieces.  This fundraiser was to benefit Ms. Riddle's Adult Transition Program.  Refreshments were served, too.  A fun time was had by all.  If you visit Coombs Campus, you are bound to see the new artwork in classrooms and offices.  Keep in an eye for these wonderful paintings.  

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For the first time in the school's history, New Horizons is fielding traveling sports teams comprised of students from New Horizons High School, Banning Independent Studies School, and Coombs Adult Education.  Students have the opportunity to participate with other schools in the low desert area like Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio, and Rancho Mirage.  There is an art to coaching.  Thank you Coach Aja and Coach Taylor for helping New Horizons students better focus on academic needs and fostering the development of teamwork through sports.

Basketball Team
Pictured here is 2016-17 Basketball Team.
Pictured here is 2017 Softball Team. Congrats to the team! 2017 League Champions!!!

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Thank you Ms. Douglas for arranging our Spring Trip to Knotts Berry Farms.  All students who earned 100 PBIS tickets for outstanding behavior and choices celebrated by piling on a school bus and heading to Orange County.  It was a beautiful day!  Picnic lunch and park fun and lots of awesome rides were all highlights of this day.  

Pictured here are Ms. Nancy, Ms. Jo, Ms. Jeannette and Mr. "W" on the log ride!
Mr. "W" and Ms. Nancy and Teddy Miranda survived the Supreme Scream ... thousands of feet above Orange County.  The view was awesome!
A trip to Knotts Berry Farm would not be complete without a picture with Charlie Brown.
Pictured here are Mayte Cardenas, Kailah Partridge & Leslie Naranjo.  

Always Nice When Staff Stops By!

Instructional Aide Georgjean "Carrie" Martinez and her husband Jason stopped by campus to introduce Principal Sanchez to their new daughter Faith.

Carrie & Principal Sanchez & Jason

Ms. Carrie reminds her students each and every day, " In life, you gotta be ready to use ALL the colors in the crayon box."


Each morning and afternoon, Ron and Sheila Ritcha raise and lower our American flag!

Mr. Rhodes Wins Coombs Cookie Contest!!!Go To Top of Page

The great cookie challenge between New Horizons, BISS, Adult Education & Special Education culminated with plates of cookies and glasses of milk.  Mr. Rhodes won this year's challenge with his home baked masterpiece. !  A fun time was had by all!  Thank you to ALL participants!