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The Murder is Fake. The Laughter is Real!Go to top

The Dinner Detective. Murder Mystery Dinner Show

Welcome to The Dinner Detective, America’s largest interactive murder mystery dinner show.

A magnifying glass looking at text in a book

What better way for Ms. Purcell’s advisory students to end the school year than to experience The Dinner Detective, American’s largest interactive murder mystery dinner show.

Two people ordering food off a menu  Students ordering food from a menu

NHHS students became part of the show. Non-costumed actors were hidden amongst the crowd pretending to be part of the crowd. Set during the present day in real time, over the course of the night costumed detectives uncovered clues, interrogated audience members and helped everyone get closer to solving the show.

Students ordering food
Students and staff in a restaurant

Mrs. Purcell and her students solved a hilarious murder case and feasted on a fantastic four-course plated dinner.  Imagine eating a wonderful dinner next to a killer hiding in the room and even finding yourself a prime suspect. 

Students and staff in a restaurant
Students and staff in a restaurant

Thank you Mrs. Purcell and Horizon of Lights for making this wonderful event possible.


ROSE PACHECO - Art, English, and Health
DARLENE PURCELL - Math VARNEY - Social Studies
JAMES D. WAEDEKIN - Language Arts

Mrs. Purcell & Mrs. Douglas Share Sushi Secrets And The Magic Of The Sweet Dessert Turon!Go to top

Mrs. Purcell    Mrs. Douglas

It would not be February if Mrs. Purcell and Mrs. Douglas did not continue their longstanding tradition of hosting their Advisory classes to a sushi-making celebration in honor of Asian Awareness. In addition, this year they made the sweet Filipino dessert Turon, too. Sweet fried bananas wrapped in a pastry like an egg roll. Students created and feasted.  Thank you Mrs. Purcell and Mrs. Douglas for your generosity and team spirit!

Sushi Day In Purcell's Class     Sushi Day in Mrs. Purcell's Class   Sushi Day in Mrs. Purcell's Class

(Pictured here are: Ivy Conde, Shalondria Gipson, & Mone Roberts.) 

Sushi Day in Mrs. Purcell's Class

(Looks like Shawna Hammer has the unique technique down.)

Sushi Day

(Ms. Carolina & Ms. Nancy stopped by to lend a hand with the rice and seaweed paper.)

Sushi Day

(Pictured above are Maria Mendez & Mone Roberts. Below: Katie Pewitt, Kaley LaCasse & Jerrit Ring.)

Sushi Day
Sushi Day

(Pictured here are Roman Tortes & Brett Boone.)


New Horizons Teachers Caught Being Themselves!Go to top

Mr. Varney

Ms. Douglas

Ms. Rose

Ms. Purcell joined by Ms. Carbajal (Beaumont)

Mr. "W" and Ms. Pacheco

Ms. Douglas

Ms. Pacheco

Ms. Douglas

Mr. Varney

Ms. Purcell

Stop By Ms. Pacheco's Art Room!Go to top

If you are visiting campus, be sure to stop by Ms. Pacheco's Art Room.  Her students are always working on their latest project!  Some wonderful examples are shown in the slide show below. 
Leslie and Ms. Rose
Pictured here is Student Artist Leslie Naranjo and Ms. Pacheco

Ms. Pacheco's Art Room Is Filled With Talented Students!!!Go to top

New Horizons Students Pitch In at Whitewater Wildlands Concervancy!Go to top

Teachers Mrs. Purcell and Mrs. Douglas led a busload of students on a Whitewater adventure as together they attended The Wildlands Conservancy frist annual end of summer clean up.  Every year there is an increase in summer visitation, and with the increase in people comes an increase in trash, and New Horizons students chose to earn some community service hours by giving back to such a great cause! 
Whitewater River
Students divided into small teams armed with trash bags, gloves, and grabbers to make the preserve spic and span for the coming hiking season.  A special thank you to these hardworking students and teachers!
Whitewater Clean-up crew

Purcell & Douglas Complete Mud RunGo to top

What an adventure?  Could you complete the Camp Pendleton California Marine Corps Mud Run 2017

How HARD CORPS are New Horizons teachers? This past June, Mrs. Purcell and Mrs. Douglas participated in the 2017 Camp Pendleton California Marine Corps Mud Run  in Camp Pendleton by Lake O’Neill.  Together the two faced challenging obstacles including combat town and slippery hill and they finished at the muddiest pit in the world. These two teachers definitely like to dress up to get dirty.  They ran for fun and in support of Camp Pendleton. Congrats to them both!  Awesome job!!!!

Ms. Purcell and Mrs Douglas Mudrun

Artists Omar Medrano And Josephine Torres Honored!Go to top

Two students showing off their art creations
Two students showing off their art creations

STUDENT HANDBOOK COVER CONTEST - Josephine Torres Chosen WInner!Go to top

This year's Student Handbook Cover Poster Contest was a success! Led by Mrs. Douglas, many students submitted thoughtful and creative designs to showcase PBIS  and New Horizons' Positive Behavior expectations for campus PRIDE (Persistence ... Respect ... Integrity ... Diligence ... Ethics).  Omar Medrano was First Runner Up.  Josephine Torres's design was chosen as this year's winning entry.  Her design will be on the cover of the 2017-18 Student Handbook.  Congratulations to all who entered the contest!

Origami Fun With Ms. Purcell and Ms. Douglas!!! Go to top

Congratulations to Ms. Pacheco and Her Art Class! Dream Rocket Project Exhibits New Horizons Artistry!Go to top

Several art students at New Horizons participated in the Dream Rocket Project. DRP launched in 2009, is collecting thousands of artworks from various regions of the world. These panels will eventually wrap a model of the Gemini  rocket going to Mars in 2018.   Benny Aguilar, Gerardo Benitez, Stephanie Hoskings,and Andrew Alcala created their own 2'x 2' canvas panels.    Other students that lent a hand in New Horizons contributions to the project were Drew Seymour,Teddie Miranda and Dylan Cordoza.   Students prepared the panels that will be exhibited around the country, with final placement on the model of the Gemini Rocket in Topeka, Kansas.  It was exciting to see students creating ORIGINAL ART that will been seen ALL over the country!

Always Fun To Stop By Art Class! Students Were Making Celebrity Gravestones For Red Ribbon Week Drug Awareness.Go to top

Students painting boxes
Students painting cardboard boxes
Gravestones made of cardboard

New Horizons Theatre Program Will Offer Students "Greater Growth'Go to top

By DAVID JAMES HEISS (Record Gazette)
When English teacher James D. Waedekin, (known as Mr. “W”) discovered that a handful of his students responded well to a theatrical component of his class, he knew he had to devise a program that would build on their interest. 

His HORIZON YOUTH THEATRE PROJECT, a collaboration of student-written and student-directed plays, is the recipient of a $1,000 grant from the San Gorgonio Education Foundation, which was awarded at the January 26 Banning school board meeting.

According to Waedekin, building an ensemble is the key to this project.  “I hope to encourage teens to be responsible to the larger group, rather than thinking of the needs of their own. If everyone’s focus is towards the group, they can help, support, encourage and challenge each other.”

Also, Waedekin reports, “Ensemble practice fosters a collective ownership of the art: believing in actors as creative, as well as interpretive artists; because of its focus on inclusivity and collaboration, all members of an ensemble develop a sense of the whole … performers can take greater risks and experience greater growth, knowing that the ensemble develop a sense of the whole … performers can take greater risks and experience greater growth, knowing that the ensemble will catch them if they fall.”

Funds include a budget for sets, costumes, T-shirts with the program’s logo, and a field trip to experience a live performance of EVITA at Palm Canyon Theatre in Palm Springs.

New Horizons senior Ryan LaCasse is excited about the afterschool program.  “It will give students in our situation  (those attending a continuation school) a chance we normally don’t get.” 

LaCasse hopes that their short plays “will give people an idea of what we go through every day, and how we look at life.”

Continuation high schools provide education alternatives for students who may be at-risk of not graduating at normal pace; some students are the breadwinners at home, and work jobs that affect either ability to attend school; others may be behind due to family situations, illnesses, or other incidents that disrupt their participation in a traditional high school environment.

Another student in the program, Katelynn Tate, is grateful to have the new drama program.  “A theatre program at different type of school, makes me happy, and creates a sense of normalcy for students at a school like New Horizons,” Tate says.

“This will offer an opportunity to express our true selves,” says student Katie Pewitt.

Student Stephanie Hosking looks forward to using the experience beyond high school. “I would love to be an actor,” she says. “I look forward to participating in the process after graduation. This will give me the insight I’ll need to get acting jobs.”

Simply put, as student Yulissa Rangel Valdez puts it, “I hope someday this will help make me famous.”

The Horizon Youth Theatre Project was one of a handful of programs applying for funds from the San Gorgonio Education Foundations’ second-ever grant distribution, which also received significant support from the Sun Lakes Charitable Trust, and the San Gorgonio Pass Round Table.

“It’s going to impact so many students beyond even those who work on these plays,” says education foundation grant committee chairwoman Gae Rusk. “Those who come to enjoy and experience the end product – it’s an organic project that reflects an A-plus teacher.”

The project was selected by a majority decision of judges from the community, who included city councilwoman Debbie Franklin; retired university professor Muriell Garbo; retired educator Juanita Sibole; retired teacher and school librarian – and education foundation board member – Betty Meltzer; and Morongo School past principal Mason Patterson.

Staff writer David James Heiss is president of the San Gorgonio Education Foundation, and a member of the San Gorgonio Pass Round Table.

Mr."W" and Theatre Kids
Mr. "W" and his Theatre Class
PIctured here back row from left to right are Katie Pewitt, Francisco Smart, Yulissa Rangel Valdez, Katelynn Tate, Ryan LaCasse, Stephanie Hosking, and Mr. "W" in front.

Ms. Purcell Treks To Sweden & Iceland In Search Of Santa ClausGo to top

Over the Winter Break, Ms. Purcell actually traveled to Sweden and Iceland. Imagine the opportunity to see the Great Northern Lights, or to dog sled over glaciers, or to stay in a hotel made completely of ICE.  Brrrr. Thank you Ms. Purcell for bringing this adventure back to fellow staff and students.  What great pictures and stories you have to share!!!

Have You Ever Been To A Breakout Room?Go to top

Have you ever been to a Breakout Room?  If not, definitely check this article out!

Mrs. Purcell recently turned her Advisory class into a Breakout Room.  With a clock ticking her students get “locked in a room”, and they have to use information found inside the room to solve all kinds of puzzles and problems. The solutions lead them to more clues and if they are fast enough, they open the “lockbox” and “breakout” of the room and win.

There is so much to love about this activity,” said Mrs. Purcell. “From a student perspective, it was so much fun and the engagement levels were off the charts! My classroom was excited and motivated to learn about a topic that is usually tough to engage their interest in–I have never seen students more excited about solving problems together. They were high-fiving and cheering out loud as they persevered through difficult problems and clues.”

In addition, Mrs. Purcell said, “This activity also teaches them grit as well as accountability—the students can not move on unless they find the correct answer. It’s up to them to work hard to find it if they want the reward. It is amazing what a little competition will do.”

Mrs. Purcell said that she will plan another one soon. “The possibilities are endless when it comes to how I can create this amazingly interactive task. I cannot more highly recommend this idea! I really think it would work for any age or subject area. I know the feedback from my students was unbelievable and they were all begging to do it again immediately after finishing the first one.”

Back-To-School Community CirclesGo to top

The 2017-18 School Year has begun.  And to honor this, during their Advisory Periods, Mrs. Douglas and Mrs. Purcell joined their talents and shared sense of the importance of tradition to host a Community Circle. 
Restorative Circles
All sat in a circle, broke bread and shared other festive treats to celebrate the beginning of their new year. Students were given the chance to speak about how they hoped their school year would be. 
Restorative Circles
This truly provided a great sense of family and important bonding experience or all who participated.
Restorative Circles
Pictured here is Senior Joshua Carver.  Below is Senior Joseph Garcia.
Restorative Circles
Restorative Circles
Pictured here are seniors Katie Pewitt and Kaley LaCasse.

Can You Spot Your Teacher?Go to top

One lucky New Horizons Teacher vacationed in New York City this past summer.  And ... she was photographed and her pics appeared on the giant TV screen in Times Square!  Can you find your teacher?

Root Beer Floats & Planting Seeds For The Future to Celebrate the End of Our 2016-17 School Year!Go to top

Students potting plants
Students potting plants
A student drinking coffee
Students potting plants
The last day of school for 2016-17 was a special one in Ms. Purcell's and Ms. Douglas's Advisory class.  After completing a unit on ASL (American Sign Language), these extraordinary teachers treated their students with root beer floats (which was very fitting on the hottest day of the school year so far).  In addition, as a symbol for each student's unique importance and contribution to our school, seeds and flowers were planted in pots and sent home with each of them.  Thank you Ms. Purcell and Ms. Douglas!!!

Springtime Means Gardening In Ms. Douglas' Advisory!Go to top

Asian American Exploration Continues With Ms. Purcell & Ms. Douglas! Advisory Students Experience Sushi, Egg Roll, And Turon-making Lessons! Go to top

Ms. Purcell's Advisory Stretches To New Limits ... YOGA!Go to top

Students learning Yoga
Students learning Yoga
Students doing yoga
Students doing yoga

Advisory Students Learn The Value Of "Going Green"Go to top

What a great experiment! Ms. Purcell and Mrs. Douglas teamed together to help students learn "the business of going green."   Ms. Douglas' garden class grew vegetables which were brought to the cafeteria for lunches, and salads were made for classes, too. Her students also grew lavender which was donated to Ms. Purcell's advisory class so they could use it for the lavender soap they are making. Now the students' candle and soap business can advertise that they now make organic lavender soap. Shoppers will love that!
Students picking vegetables
Cherry tomatoes

New Horizons Turns Kids Of Today Into Entrepreneurs of TomorrowGo to top

According to Math instructor Ms. Darlene Purcell, “Junior Achievement inspires and prepares young people to succeed in a global economy, and that’s why I brought it to New Horizons High School for a special afterschool program.”

Junior Achievement Sparks Student Success and to date, JA will impact over 4.6 million U.S. students in more than 201,000 classrooms during 2015-2016.

As high school students begin to position themselves for their future, there are many unanswered questions about what lies ahead. Junior Achievement’s high school programs help students make informed, intelligent decisions about their future, and foster skills that will be highly useful in the business world.

JA Graduation Pathways creates opportunities for students to achieve by providing multiple JA experiences throughout a student’s academic career. Developed to address the region’s critical drop-out rates, this initiative couples proven programs and dedicated volunteers to inspire kids to stay in school. The core content and consistent reinforcement of students’ abilities helps lay the foundation for long-term academic success.

Ms. Purcell arranged for JA Community Representative Anne Oliver, also an alumni herself and one of the first students to be involved in JA to teach sessions with such topics as “Career Success” and  “Career Finance.”  In addition, Oliver is a member ot The Inland Empire Chapter of SCORE which provides counseling services to the small business community in 2007.  Popular in large California cities and growing in Inland Empire, New Horizons is actually one of very few high schools east of Los Angeles currently incorporating JA.

New Horizons Students went RED For RED RIBBON WEEK! They joined together to pledge to be DRUG FREE!!!Go to top

RED RIBBON WEEK is always a great celebration at New Horizons High School. Why? Because it matters! Faculty, staff, administration and students share food and fun to "Team Up Against Drugs!" On "Dress As Somebody You Want to Be In The Future" Day for Red Ribbon Week, staff members surprised Principal Sanchez by dressing as HIM. Ms. Pacheco's Art Class created a graveyard of celebrities who died due to drugs. The stones and the grim reaper appeared in New Horizon's quad area.

Highlights From RED RIBBON WEEK!Go to top

A student hugging another student
A teacher with students
A man fromCVS presenting to students
Students standing in a group in a classroom
Students outside in the grass
Gravestones made of cardboard
Students and teachers in a group
A teacher holding up a red cloth while another teacher pretends to be a bull